Recent Sightings Round Up


"I saw the new "The Omen" yesterday and noticed that the priest’s diary is a moleskine and it appears to be a daily large format diary.  It’s clearly visible in the scene where the photographer takes the ambassador down to the priest’s home in the underground…"


The Omen Official Site


"I saw "A Prairie Home Companion" on its
nationwide opening Friday, and I believe it has a Moleskine in it. I
can’t find it in any of the publicity shots online, but I think Kevin
Kline’s character, Guy Noir (Private Eye) uses a Pocket Reporter
notebook, and tosses it onto his desk near the beginning of the movie.
It looks very much like one, if it isn’t.


Prairie Home Companion Official Site


"Here you go…spot the Moleskine…on prime time..Deal or No Deal, channel 4 in the U.K."


Deal Or No Deal Official Site

2 thoughts on “Recent Sightings Round Up

  1. The Tom Hanks character in The Da Vinci Code also uses one. At first it seemedlike a terndy/ cool thing to use a Moleskine as a prop in movies, but I’m amazed that they are still being used so often. Almost every notebook on TV/ film is a Moleskine these days.

  2. I found that and put it on wikipedia before you did. Bleh :p

    What annoys me though is people saying things are moleskines when they arn’t. It seems every single black book is a moleskine nowadays though.

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