Seven Roads Gallery of Book Trade Labels

Vintage labels fascinate me. If you feel the same way to some degree, I beseech you to check out Greg Kindall’s collection:




"I have an online collection of booksellers’ labels (and those of publishers, printers, binders etc.) as often found in the endpapers of older books. These labels are often of great aesthetic and historic interest and have been a lot of fun to collect. I’m writing because recently I’ve stretched the collection to include stationers’ labels (albeit the line between booksellers and stationers has not always been very clear).."


"The half dozen examples displayed here, from diaries and ledgers dating from the 1830s to the 1920s, were sent in by the fine folks at Written By Hand, who specialize in "manuscript Americana" (that is, handwritten diaries, family congeries, commercial ledgers, muniments, and other "arcana and quotidiana"). They have some fascinating inventory."

Seven Roads Gallery of Book Trade Labels

Written By Hand 

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