The Coffee Smoothie Motive


"A week or so ago, I wrote about my breakfast treat. Today I managed to
hold off long enough from drinking it so that I could sketch in my new
Moleskine watercolour book.

I have fallen into the habit of getting up around 9 on Sunday morning,
getting breakfast for The Poet and then rushing off to the shopping
centre. My excuse is that I need to go early so that I can score a
parking space close to the supermarket, which is true. I do have an
ulterior motive, though.

There is a lovely little coffee shop at the centre called The Loft
Cafe. When The Poet was in hospital I would take myself there for
breakfast before doing the shopping, then going to visit his mum and
then going off to spend the afternoon with him. His mum is gone now and
he is home but I still love to treat myself before doing the weekly

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3 thoughts on “The Coffee Smoothie Motive

  1. What’s a shopping trip without a stop at the coffee shop. I always have to stop at least twice. Once on the way to shopping for a pick me up to get going and again after shopping for a reward for completing my errands. Maybe if I just stopped once I would find time to sit and sketch more.

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