The Moleskine Loop

Dave Harper’s observation of the Moleskine scene:


"Moleskine enthusiasts abound.  The moleskinerie is the flagship blog for this niche interest. When I found the blog, via Google, I saw a recent post where moleskinerie points out Jim Woodring .  The coincidence of discovering the Woodring art had led me to google "Moleskine", which led me to the product evangelism blog, which led me back to Woodring.  "The Long Tail" is looped back upon itself, Orobouros-like.  Niche interests make our globe a small world…"

"Open up the Moleskine"


Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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One Response to The Moleskine Loop

  1. Joel Dueck says:

    Yeah, sites linking to other sites. Kinda seems like that’s how the Internet works, doesn’t it. Pretty insightful 🙂

    Nice picture though.

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