Tom Fricke, Anthropologist




Tom Fricke is an anthropologist with the University of Michigan and a Moleskine fan. He works in Nepal. His local helpers noticed him writing
in his Mol every free moment and really liked it. Now he gives them as
gifts to his helpers. They mostly draw as not all of them are able to

[Via Jeroen Kuiper/Kikkerland Design, Inc.]

5 thoughts on “Tom Fricke, Anthropologist

  1. It was wonderful to see Tom featured on Moleskinerie!! I live in Ann Arbor, and happen to know both Tom and his wife Chris. In fact I learnt about this site when I talked to Chris on Friday. Great site, and Armando, keep up the great work you do.


  2. Tom Fricke is a rockstar of a professor and anthropologist in my mind… and as a matter of fun fact, he was wearing that very shirt (middle picture) during lecture today

  3. I just taught a lesson of ‘human ecology’ theory of Anthropology to my class of MA IInd year at Trbhuvan University , Santwona college. Tom has given us a text about Sherpa people of high Himalaya and he describes how they adapt themeselves to the hardship of geographical diffiulties and harsh environmental situatiation based on cultural ecological perspective of anthropology. Thanks to him,
    I want to make contact him and know him better,
    BR Mayalu, Nepal

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