Too Much Moleskine?


"I’ve been writing in journals for the last 22 years but for the last 6
years I’ve been addicted to the little black book.  I started out with
the sketchbook as a second journal to keep sketches and drawings.  One
day in a pinch I switched to using it as a journal and have never
looked back.  With the exception of trying out the Miquelrius for a
short period of time I have been a true user since.  The only other
deviations I have made have been trying the various sizes of the
Moleskine plain sketchbook and un-ruled book.  Prior to that I used the
standard Canson sketchbooks in the 5×7 and 4×5 formats.  No sketchbook
or notebook that I have used so far is as good as any of the
Moleskines. the quality of the paper, the thickness and tooth are
perfect and just work for me.

A new Moleskine watercolor book
arrived in the mail today.  I now have three different versions in my
briefcase, a blank pocket notebook, a blank reporter’s notebook, and
now the watercolor book.

So you ask, why would you need three?

I’m going to Tahiti at the end of June so here are my reasons:

Blank Pocket Journal
I normally use the Blank Pocket journal, I have just filled up my last journal and I was in need of another one.

Reporter’s Notebook
I have covered a story I have used the standard issue J-school, spiral
bound, blue-ruled, 4×8 Sparco reporter’s notebook.  On my next trip
that we are taking I would like to take a few notes about some local
industries there in Tahiti and write an article or two for submission.
I like to keep my reporter’s notes separate from my personal notes and
observations.  After an article has been submitted for publication I
like to they keep the notes filed with the story for later reference.

Watercolor Notebook
traveling or just out and about I take my Windsor & Newton pocket
watercolor set with me.  Finding a watercolor book equally as small has
not been easy.  As other have already observed the sketchbooks is not
suited for watercolor work.   The current book that Arches 8×16 book
that I have is too large.  The new Moleskine looks just right.  Plus
you can tear out the pages after making a sketch, slap a stamp on the
back and presto! instant post card.  I know that there will be a moment
out there in the beach or on the deck of the over-water bungalow where
I can capture the moment in watercolor.

Yes, my Moleskine(s) is my obsession, but they now make a different one for each of my needs."

Ed Flores

[Photo courtesy of the author]


Looks like our friends in Russia can now get Moleskine in the area:

5 thoughts on “Too Much Moleskine?

  1. Interesting…..

    So you now use the Moleskine Sketchbook as your day-to-day journal. I have toyed with that idea but have never done it.

    I just purchased the Watercolor journal and really like the paper for sketching and watercoloring. Do you thiink you might eventually adopt the watercolor as your daily journal?


  2. I liked the sketchbook because I was making it a point to draw everyday as well as write. The pages on the sketchbook are much heavier and can absorb more ink and other media. The caveat is that you get less pages than the other notebooks and therefore do not last as long. Seeing as the watercolor book has even less pages than the sketchbook and the pages are removeable I probably will not be using it as a daily journal…but I have said that before.



  3. OK—I need pros/cons or which you’d choose between the new 18 month large datebook and the 07 hardbound large datebook?

    Can’t decide which is better—-wish they did the 18 month in hardbound…

  4. I use a completely different system for organizing my day. I have not seen the Moleskine organizers so I don’t have an opinion. I hope you find the one that suits you best.

    Good luck!

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