Tung Festival Notebook


I found AGUA’s product a few years ago on a Taiwan web site, theysoul of this company Ms. Agua Chow created all these nice little notebooks with simple design, all of them are produced limited from afew hundred to few thousand pieces.  At that time they were only soldin Taiwan.

A few months ago I met Agua and discussed selling her products in Hong Kong city’super and LOG-ON.  We immediately fell into deep conversation about design and methodology.  While I was having meeting with her, she peeked into my Moleskine and fell in love with my style of writing and drawing.  A few days later back in Hong Kong I received a call from her saying that she has a project with the Taiwan government to create 1000 pieces of limited edition notebooks, which she would like to have my calligraphy on it for the poem written by a famous poet in Taiwan.

I immediately scribbled dozens of versions and to my amazement it was produced into real product a few weeks later.

The notebooks were created to celebrate the Tung Festival in Taiwan. The binding method used is very ancient but allowing the notebook to be opened easily on every page even though there are literally more than 500 pages there.  The printing is also special …

Patrick Ng

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  1. Armand, the link doesn’t work. There is a comma instead of a dot. Have a great day!

  2. Patrick — is there any way to purchase these beautiful notebooks in the U.S. or on-line? Pam

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