What is your favorite pen?

Back in February ’05 Elston asked readers about their favorite pens. Since then, the discussion has become one of the longest-running threads at Moleskinerie/FLICKR. Here’s Granny Kass’ response:


"I’ve been a pen collector for about 40 years and Moleskine user for about
5 years. In the years I have been Skinning, I have found that it is not so much
a matter of what pen you are using as much as it is about the INK.
I have a range of pens from the the Pilot Varisity, G-2’s, Sensa, Fisher
Space, Parker 51’s, Duofold’s, Vintage pens through to some limited editions. I
find that I am most happy with two Sailor pens. One with an EF nib and the other
their Togi nib. I love them both, but it is Noodler’s Bulletproof Black that
really makes the difference. I had been using Sheaffer’s black and Noodler’s
Squeteague, Beaver, and La Couleur Royale. All of them have to much water in
them and bleed through the standard Moleskine paper. They work great on the
sketchbook pages, but they are not very waterproof. Sharpie’s are great
permenant ink pens, but not for the paper. Here again I would only use for
sketchbook paper.
For a ballpoint pen, I am deeply in love with the Sensa line and the Fisher
Space pen refills. I enjoy a bold black or blue nib. The colors in the Fisher
line are really very nice, but I have found that with time they have a tendancy
to bleed on the moleskine standard paper. Especially the red ink.
When it comes to using color in my Moleskine’s I have leaned more heavily
on colored pencil leads. My favorite being the Bic leads and second would be the
"ish" leads that are getting harder and harder to find, but comes in a great
range of color beyond the basic blue, red, green, pink. I also use W&N
watercolour’s which if not to wet works great on the standard paper. Doesn’t
take to kindly to the sketchbook paper though.
The whole issue comes down to personal tastes and personal preferences.
Give them all a try and have fun doing it."

"Your Favorite Pen"
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