" Yoropen is the best ergonomically designed pen in the world. Winner of
numerous international awards in design, invention and innovation, the
revolutionary Yoropen relieves the discomforts of writing. It’s features include
finger support, adjustable grip and increased visibility. The finger support
relaxes the writer’s fingers, requiring very little pressure and reducing any
strain. The adjustable tripod grip can be rotated to a preferred writing
position (left-handers rotate the grip to the left). The angle of the pen allows
for better visibility of your written work (left-handers won’t suffer smudges).
The mechanical pencil features a rotating barrel for a variable thickness of
line. Perfect for artists and designers. Both pens and pencil are made of brass
with a satin silver-plated finish…"

The Yoropen Corporation

U.S. Distributor: FLAX

4 thoughts on “Yoropen

  1. A fountain pen with a flexible nib and fast-drying ink will do all that this … thing … does, more smoothly and with less stress on the fingers, hand, and wrist. Not to mention the tiny size of what appears to be a proprietary refill. No thanks.

  2. I had one of these and it was great. Just found a web site that sells them and order some more (lost the one I had). Try it and you’ll probably like it.

  3. The Yoropen, contrary to what some conjecture, has a full length refill (about 5″ long) and writes VERY smoothly and effortlessly. The perfect pen for left handers, as dragging one’s hand over the written words does not happen. Replacement refills are abundantly available, and reasonably priced. I have yet to require a refill as the ones included with the pens have not run out yet.

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