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WMP Notebook #1 Robin Mellor

Robin Mellor U.K. View the WMP2 Gallery on FLICKR Visit the WMP2 page for updates Cool Stuff: Semanote A Prayer Book’s Secret "RARE ORIGINAL 1936 JOURNAL HERSHAW & COLLINS"Today on Notebookism Greetings to our friends in Tipperary, Saint-Guillaume-d’Upton, Florianpolis, Salem, … Continue reading

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Basic Boxskin

The Basic BoxSkin’s are a great way to display and organize yourcollection of Moleskine books! The Basic Boxskin holds 10 pocketsized (3.5" by 5.5") Moleskines. Snug enough so they don’t fall outbut with ample room to access the Moleskines for … Continue reading

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Scoop on Scoop

"Scoop: Focus Features is sending out a pretty high class promo item for their Woody Allen flick "Scoop" opening today. Embossed moleskine notebooks, the kind the likes of Hemingway and Picasso used, have been handed out to media and press … Continue reading

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Recent Comments: Writing As Punishment – A Rant

From our post of January 23rd on "Writing As Punishment": "Personally, I believe all of us turn too quickly to punishment to solve behavior problems when other approaches might work better. But I concede that there may be times when … Continue reading

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AFK*: “Chicago Botanic Garden”

Pretty Prairie. Purple Cone Flowers – a native Illinois specie. All together now…"I’d like to teach the world to sing…" Call me paranoid but I had the distinct feeling I was being watched. Whitespire Birch trees at the Chicago Botanic … Continue reading

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From Sketch to Canvas

Luis Colan shows us his painting process. From this Moleskine sketch to this finished painting. " I must say there were times I doubted myself and this painting, and came very close to leaving it unfinished. But I decided to … Continue reading

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English Standard Version Journaling Edition Bible

Gareth Russell reviews the Moleskine-esque ESV Journaling Edition Bible, complete with an elastic band. It even lays flat! "The Journaling Edition comes in an attractive plain black hardcover, with the only writing and decoration on the cover being some silver … Continue reading

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Mourning Mandu

"Last night, Glenn cuddled Mandu on our sofa and gave her some comfort. It appears that she has likely gone blind, as she looks around in a disoriented way and does not react to visual stimuli as she once did. … Continue reading

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Mike Sheehan’s Long Tale

Mike Sheehand has a long story to tell: "This is my commute sketchbook. From the train, bus or bike ride to and from work. You’ll haveto scroll sideways to see it. Was fun to do, just started another one." Moleskine … Continue reading

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Moleskine at REMO

Remo, our friend in Oz is finally selling "The Notebook" "To be candid, there was a time when we thought that we might develop our own range of notebooks under the REMO brand (never say never, maybe one day); BUT, … Continue reading

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