Ersatz Life & Moleskine Notebooks


" The most depressing thing was that my appalling handwriting bore no
resemblance to the elegant flourishes that had so impressed me. Indeed, it took
an enormous effort of will to first put expensive pen to expensive paper, to
sully the textured pages with my constipated scrawl. Having forced a few lines
onto the page a malicious little voice in my head would mutter “Now you’ve gone
and spoilt it”. And I really felt I had inadvertently performed a sacrilegious
action; it would have been far better if I had left the wretched thing alone as
a mute reproach to a life not in the least less ordinary. If “the medium is the
message”, as Marshall McLuhan wrote – or nearly wrote – then this particular
medium’s message was nothing if not unambiguous: keep off the parchment…"

Mark Squire
Dorset, UK
Visit his blog "Troubled Ponderings"

Image: "in shadow"
By kiwêhowin @ Moleskinerie/FLICKR
© All rights reserved. Used with permission.

2 thoughts on “Ersatz Life & Moleskine Notebooks

  1. As usual Mark Squire has written an outstanding piece. I recommend that you read his other ‘blogs’ .He is nothing less than inspiring.

  2. when I teach workshops on journaling, I have people ‘deface’ one another’s fresh notebooks; then they’re already ‘ruined’, and by someone to whom you’re far kinder than you ever are to yourself.

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