My Daily Companion


For as long as I can remember I’ve had a sketchbook obsession. Always
buying new ones without filling the previous one. I usually would lean
towards leather or leather like books, but it wasn’t until the summer
of 2004 when my search for the perfect notebook/sketchbook was over. At
this time I started working at Kremer Pigments and Moleskines were
piled high on the center table of the store. I was given a Moleskine
notebook to jot down notes on store operations as I was being trained.
Soon after, the notebook became my daily companion. I’m not a writer,
never have been but I couldn’t help to start filling this book with
what ever I could write. It became my museum companion, taking notes on
works of art from the Met., Frick, MFA Boston, and Philadelphia Museum.
It also became my research notebook, as I learned about techniques and
applications of raw materials from old times. Since then my Moleskine
companionship has grown to include the weekly planner and sketchbook
along with the NYC subway map. I don’t see myself without them, since
today I brought home more Moleskines for me to fill!

Luis Colan
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