A bike ride for ink and coffee


"I crossed the street to Peets Coffee, got an iced latte, and found a table
in a hidden corner on their little patio. I drew this with my Micron Pigma
(which IS waterproof) in my largewatercolor Moleskine. I added some watercolor
pencil and water with my water brush but decided to finish it at home with real
paint since I didn’t have the right colors.

I also experimented with adding some overheard conversation fragments into
the drawing. The guy in the middle with the sun glasses didn’t stop talking the
whole time I was there, so many of my scribbles are from his stories about his
herniated disk, learning to drive, rude New Yorkers (he’s one), Oprah’s show
about women being embarassed to talk to their gynecologists, Italians, and on
and on. Instead of being annoyed, as I might have been, it was fun being a spy
and writing down bits of his blathering."

"A bike ride for ink and coffee"
By Jana Buoc

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© 2006 JB All Rights Reserved. Used with permission