English Standard Version Journaling Edition Bible

Gareth Russell reviews the Moleskine-esque ESV Journaling Edition Bible, complete with an elastic band.


It even lays flat!


"The Journaling Edition comes in an attractive plain black hardcover,
with the only writing and decoration on the cover being some silver
writing on the spine that says, “ESV || Journaling Bible || Crossway”.
There’s no tacky crown of thorns on this cover or Celtic crosses,
instead just a thick black elastic band that provides a touch of
decoration. The elastic band is of a good quality too, I was initially
concerned that the elastic band would be able to come loose from the
cover but upon closer inspection it seems to be firmly attached to the
back cover…"

ESV Journaling Edition Review
By Gareth Russell
Visit his blog.

[via J. Godsey]

Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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4 Responses to English Standard Version Journaling Edition Bible

  1. agentgray says:

    I got this about a month ago. I’ve used it everyday since. The poeple on staff who came up with the concept love Moleskines and many of them journal. It’s seemed like an obvious decision to make.

    I think the quality is very close to an original Moleskine. A natural fit if you read a Bible and journal.

  2. Joel Dueck says:

    now that is interesting.

  3. I like it! Those margins are huge, for note taking?

  4. Bruce Wilcox says:

    Yes, the margins are lined for note-taking (you can’t see the lines in the photos, but they’re there).

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