Featured Artist: Irina Troitskaya


I started my first Moleskine only one month ago. May be one and a half,
I can’t say exactly. I only remember that I didn’t dare draw in it for
a couple of days. Moleskine seemed too perfect! But at the same time
when I looked at it, I wanted to draw. Those days I was thinking about
to try some new stuff. For example to draw with soft-tip pens, but…
All my sketchbooks didn’t want it. Their paper wasn’t heavy enough.
Always got wet! Looking at Moleskine I thought: "What if…" And I was

I have many other sketchbooks, but love only one of them. I noticed
that Moleskine disciplines me. I’m quite lazy to execute my ideas.
Formerly I could just quit in the middle of drawing if I didn’t like
the result. But with Moleskine I can’t permit myself to give up. I
fight for every sketch till the end. And it works well!

I like to draw with pen and ink on craft paper. After then I scan my
pics and colour them in Photoshop. No doubt digital art’s wonderful.
But from time to time I catch myself thinking about return to "real"
colours. In the university I liked to paint in watercolors. Called them
samurai-colors. Because you’d be very accurate and careful working with
them. Like a samurai with his katana. Exciting! Now I’m dreaming about
a new watercolor Moleskine. Hope someday I’ll be able to get it. Think
it finally turns me to watercolors and make my dream come true one more

Irina Troitskaya
Moscow, Russia

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