Featured Artist: Joanna Gniady



"Moleskine is one of the things I can’t do without. It is an obsession,
addiction, everlasting love. Full of memories and dreams, quotes and
poems, names and ideas, it is a kind of map, showing where I have been,
where I am now and where I would like to be. I wish I could draw and
fill my Moleskine with sketches of fascinating places, people or
objects. Instead, I write about them, using the old Parker 51, crazy
Waterman Audace and dear Marlen roller.

Moleskine is also one of
the dreams that came true. The first one I got a year ago and it was a
wonderful surprise and very important present. I will never forget the
moment when I took it out from the yellow envelope and gazed at it,
turning page by page, as if it was the most awaited book in my whole
life. From that time I have gathered a couple of Moleskines and
always have some of them at hand – in my handbag, under the bed, next
to the morning cup of coffee.

I do believe in magic hidden in people and things. Moleskine embodies it for certain."

Joanna Gniady

Visit her blog, "Dream After Dream"
View her Moleskine photoset on FLICKR

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