Frankie Franco III




I live in southern California.
I have a BFA in illustration, I did my undergraduate work at California
State University Fullerton. I am currently working as a graphic
designer for an architectural firm. I do some free lance illustration
on the side. And in a few years I might go back to school and get my
masters so I can teach college level art. Another career ambition of
mine is to either work in the comic book industry or the feature film
industry (as a concept artist or costume designer). Sometimes they go
hand-in-hand <: ) Maybe I will get lucky.

Frankie Franco III
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One thought on “Frankie Franco III

  1. Thanks, Frankie, for the terrific illustration you created to accompany my story, “School of Fish” for the July/August issue of Lake Country Journal Magazine out of Brainerd, MN. I received copies in the mail this a.m. and was delighted with how you captured the bullhead scenes as well as the young girl and her father.


    Connie Szarke

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