From Sketch to Canvas

Luis Colan shows us his painting process. From this Moleskine sketch


to this finished painting.


" I must say there were times I doubted myself and this painting, and came very
close to leaving it unfinished. But I decided to keep working on it and not let
it beat me. Finally, after posting so many stages of the process I can say "this
painting is done." A year and a half ago I had painted the very same image in a
smaller scale. I was pleased with the result but not happy. At that moment I
accepted the painting as it was since I had just started painting
representationally for the first time after three years of abstraction. I felt
it turned out cramped and decided to repaint it in a larger scale and give it
more air. What I didn’t realize, or admit to myself, was that the composition
was not good. Everything was huddled up together and having a potato in back of
the cabbage did not do anything flattering to the painting. I needed the viewer
to read the painting from left to right and the size and placement of the potato
was more of a block. In the end I painted over the potato thus eliminating it
from the composition forever. …"

Luis Colan
Painting Process 10
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