Genealogy Notebook

Here’s a natural – Moleskine in genealogy:


"Aside from my daily journal, the best use I’ve found for my Molskine notebooks is creating a family genealogy record.

am well into my second notebook (360 pages to date) and have not even
recorded half of the known ancestors and relatives. Each individual in
the family gets their own page and there is standard information
recorded for each such as birth/death, father/mother, spouse, children
and siblings. Since every person has their own page, that number is
sited when they are listed as a spouse, child, etc on someone elses

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2 thoughts on “Genealogy Notebook

  1. I thought the japanese style would be a great tool to draw out a pedigree chart on. It would be a challenge to get it somewhat orderly, but think how utterly cool it would look if you could manage that.

  2. Journals played a big part in my genealogy research. In a small journal from my grandfather, he had written a single date and time. It turned out to be the date and time of death of my grandmother, his wife, that I had been searching for. In my great gradfather’s small journal, he had listed the names of his brothers and sisters, along with their birthdates, which I never would have found on my own. You never know who will treasure your notes in the future!

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