Historians Discover Children’s Menu On Back Of U.S. Constitution

On this, the Fourth of July we’d like to share a classic from The Onion.


WASHINGTON, DC—Historians and scholars nationwide heralded the discovery of a
children’s menu on the back of one of the four original charters of the U.S.
Constitution, Archivist of the United States John Carlin said Monday.

The U.S. Constitution And Children’s Menu, originally drawn up at the
Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in 1787, is housed at the National
Archives Building. The menu—on the back of Article I, which establishes a
bicameral Congress comprising the Senate and the House of Representatives—provides dining options for children under 7.

"In this
discovery, we see yet another example of the wisdom of our founding fathers,"
Carlin said. "While establishing a government that honors both the rights of the
individuals and the unity of the nation, they also recognized the need for
fun-to-eat, affordable dining options for the nation’s youngest Americans."


Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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