Lachlan loves Moleskine


It seems the Murdoch family is into our favorite notebook, too. From Italy’s most important economic newspaper:

" Following family traditions Lachlan is interested in the Moleskine

Lachlan Murdoch would focus his investments to small but quite famous
companies. …And Italy could be one of the favourite targets of his European
investments. In these last weeks’ talks, it hasn’t been just a matter of chances
among the several projects on his desk, his interest in the Moleskine notebooks,
owned by the Italian company Modo & Modo. Hence he wouldn’t just invest in
the media area.

The Moleskine notebooks are very well known in Anglo-Saxon countries:: they are the
notebooks used by  European artists and thinkers for the past two centuries from
Van Gogh to Henry Matisse, from Pablo Picasso to Ernest Hemingway."

[This post has been updated 7.13.06]

6 thoughts on “Lachlan loves Moleskine

  1. “The Moleskine notebooks are very well known in Britain: they are the notebooks used by European artists and thinkers for the past two centuries from Van Gogh to Henry Matisse, from Pablo Picasso to Ernest Hemingway.”

    Gee, I wish reporters and reviewers would stop quoting that bogus blurb in the Moleskine back pocket, and do a little original writing for once. Or that their editors would do a little fact checking. Am I the only one embarrassed by this?

  2. I’d be happy to have him buy it, as long as he maintains/improves the quality of the product. M & M seem to be cutting back a bit – no story of the Moleskine in the back accordion pocket, no stickers or postcard, either. Times may be tight if they’re cutting out some of the things that make it fun.

  3. Agreed. I see this constantly, and it’s a sad reflection on the press. It may seem like a small deal when the topic is Moleskines, but the trend has broader implications. Makes you wonder how many other stories you read (and trust) are simply re-worded PR releases.

  4. I opened a new squared pocket yesterday [purchased at a Borders two months ago] and it included the stickers and history insert.

  5. Bill_the_editor: Thanks!

    I was about to post the same sort of thing yesterday (but more whiny/ranty and so i left it unposted).

    I am a happy Moleskine user and even partially like the ‘connection’ with other artists; but i don’t like how Modo&Modo is just not being truthful that they make a reproduction of the notebook used by Chatwin which is similar in style to those used by other famous artists.

    Would such a truthful description of the history of the ‘Moleskine’ harm their sales?

  6. For those who sketch or jot notes at such odd moments as on the metro, it seems to me a spine pocket for a small pen similar or smaller than the “astronaut” pen would be a superb addition to at least one version of Moleskine.

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