Missing Weeks on Planner


"I was going through my 2006 pocket weekly planner, scheduling some

events up ahead in September and October and discovered about three
weeks missing at the end of Sept.-Oct.

On the page spread for the week of Sept. 18, I see:

Monday 18
Tuesday 19
Wednesday 20
Thursday 19
Friday 20
Sunday 22

Then the next page spread starts with Monday, October 23.

It looks like the "Thursday 19" is for October.  So my planner is
missing the pages that cover Thursday, Sept. 21 – Wednesday, Oct. 18.

YIKES!  Is this the case with other 2006 planners, or did I just get a
lemon?  Looks like I’ll need to get one of those 2006-2007 planners to
finish out the  year (I already have a planner for 2007)"


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