My Daily Life in 50 Words…and 25 Moleskine


" Cleared out the boxes in my garage earlier and found over 25 moleskine
notebooks. I’ve had them for years. Took a picture of the ‘active’ ones; large
and small. I use them for personal and business journalling, pen sketching,
business meetings, tasks, learning German, and for everything I haven’t

Visit his blog, "MyDailyLifein50Words"


Greetings to our friends in Ume, Cluj, Kampong Pak Rioh, Muiz, Norwalk, CT., Orsay, Taupo, Galt, Fuengirola, Punjab, Dominica, Beograd, Whitwell, Obersteinbach, Lima, Druzstevna Pri Hornade, Guayaquil, Kobe, Palain Fliron, Krung Thep, Ranjo, Gauteng, Santiago,  Lagos, Surabaya, Latvia and Cairo. 

Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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  1. Very nice, I’ve been through 7-8 Moleskines myself. I would love to get to 50 someday! 😉


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