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Genealogy Notebook

Here’s a natural – Moleskine in genealogy: "Aside from my daily journal, the best use I’ve found for my Molskine notebooks is creating a family genealogy record. I am well into my second notebook (360 pages to date) and have … Continue reading

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Yuki Nakano

"I’m an anthropology student . I use Moleskine to draw and write diaries. My favorite penis a very fine pen called "HI TEC-C" in 0.3mm – made inJapan of course." Yuki NakanoVisit her FLICKR page and website Images © … Continue reading

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Missing Weeks on Planner

"I was going through my 2006 pocket weekly planner, scheduling some events up ahead in September and October and discovered about threeweeks missing at the end of Sept.-Oct. On the page spread for the week of Sept. 18, I see: … Continue reading

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flying turtle and pixie

"flying turtle and pixie"A photo montage by PaintMonkey @ Moleskinerie/FLICKR © All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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World Record of Thickness

"My KM2P just before week review. I count a number of indexcard inside. There are 94 cards! It must be world record at the moment. 🙂 " Hawkexpress @ Moleskinerie/FLICKR 1 2 © All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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Send an email to your future self

Create an e-mail to send to the future. Or use your notebook.

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Write in the right notebook

"I love my Moleskines," says Kristy Moore, art director at Martha Stewart Living. "I keep two going all the time" One is my inspirational book filled with quotes, clippings and other stimuli. The other is my daily recorder and list … Continue reading

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Tosca al fresco…

"Quick sketch I did before dinner. We have a favorite Italian place here south of us on a Spanish square. There are shops and restaurants, live music and, tonight, just happened to be Saturday night cruise night so all the … Continue reading

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How Art Made the World

"ART MADE THE WORLD explores the essential functions art served in early civilizations and, in some cases, still serves in modern society. Beyond that, the series seeks answers to such vexing questions as: What made our ancient ancestors create art … Continue reading

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Saint Anthony Missing with Moleskine

"Somewhere in the last week I have misplaced my prayer journal.  I am surprised at how very out of sorts this has made me. It has become an unexpectedly necessary part of my day to read or write in the … Continue reading

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