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WMP Notebook # 1 Luca Volpi

WMP #1Luca Volpi,Milan, ItalyVisit his website, View the WMP2 Gallery on FLICKR Visit the WMP2 page for updates  MOLESKINE-TOTING FOODIES AND OENOPHILES OF THE WORLD UNITE! The MEAL MOLES Group @ FLICKR is now OPEN. Discover and join our … Continue reading

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Featured Artist: David Navas

David Navas is a native of Barcelona. He now lives in New York. He works as a motion graphics designer and animator for MTV Networks, as well as working on other animation and art projects. From 2000-2004 in Miami, Navas … Continue reading

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“Under Cover: Artists’ Sketchbooks”

"Art — like music, physics, literature, dance, and other creative pursuits — rarely springs forth from the imagination in its final form. Ideas pop up, thoughts come to mind, and the artist reaches for pencil and notebook to set something … Continue reading

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Ersatz Life & Moleskine Notebooks

" The most depressing thing was that my appalling handwriting bore no resemblance to the elegant flourishes that had so impressed me. Indeed, it took an enormous effort of will to first put expensive pen to expensive paper, to sully … Continue reading

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Varieties of Left-Handed Writing

Varieties of Left-Handed Writing LINK [via Nik Doof]

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Saddest Moleskine in Spain

"…While I was in Barcelona, my purse was stolen at the train station along with my Moleskine that I had been journaling in for two weeks! I still can´t believe it´s gone. I got a new notebook, but it´s just … Continue reading

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Icon Sighting

" Notae is a full-featured and lightweight notebook with instant full-text searching and complete import and export functionality. It can even read your notes out to iTunes, and thus your iPod. It includes a Mac OS X Service to grab … Continue reading

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Label Love

"We got these fluits labels in berlin and copenhagen." Masaakimiyara @ FLICKRVisit Argyle Street Tea Room © All rights reserved. Used with permission. "My wife and I just returned from a week in the Napa Valley and we started a … Continue reading

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Emotional Design

"Computer science professor Norman also advises design firms. He brings his background in academics and business to bear on the emotional valence surrounding objects of daily use, be they kitchen utensils, automobiles, or a football coach’s headset. Norman’s analysis of … Continue reading

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Robert Hottot’s Expedition to Central Africa

A page of sketches made by Hottot during the expedition, showing metal spearheads, throwing knives and three lizards painted on house walls. Pitt Rivers Museum, Manuscript Collections, Hottot Papers LINK [via Plep]

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