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Moleskinerie on IdeaSPOTTING

Observe and Take Note "Ideas have short shelf lives. We find them one second, forget them the next. That’s why it’s smart to capture ideas and insights at the scene of the crime. Book them before they flee. Take notes. … Continue reading

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A bike ride for ink and coffee

"I crossed the street to Peets Coffee, got an iced latte, and found a table in a hidden corner on their little patio. I drew this with my Micron Pigma (which IS waterproof) in my largewatercolor Moleskine. I added some … Continue reading

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The Great Cow Sketch Hunt

"From May to July 2006, 94 illustrated cows have been placed around Edinburgh for the Cow Parade. This is my attempt to sketch every one of them in location before they’re all led out to pasture…" Mooore cows from Falling … Continue reading

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Which do you prefer – plain or ruled?

Thomas: Which one do you prefer for daily journaling? Plain or ruled? And why? I prefer the plain one’s myself. Much more freedom for gluing in stuff or doodling something. Chet_ says: Plain. But will be getting a ruled for … Continue reading

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Leaning Tower of Moleskine

"Leaning Tower of Moleskine"By Lost in Scotland @ Moleskinerie/FLICKR Coming: "The Towering Moleskine Project" 🙂 Some rights reserved. Greetings to our friends in Valence, Hemerdon, La Plata, South Colby, WA., Kreisfreie Stadt Aachen, Premi De Mar,  Amhem, Podolsk, Bod, Takamatsu, … Continue reading

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US Roadtrip Highlights

Our friend Clotilde Dusoulier at Chocolate and Zucchini is back in France and blogging about their recent cross country trip though the U.S. southwest. "Maxence and I are back from our roadtrip across the US — still a bit jetlagged, … Continue reading

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Speak, Memory

“THIS book belongs to …,” reads the frontispiece of the little red diary, followed by the words “Florence Wolfson” scrawled in faded black ink. Inside the worn leather cover, in brief, breathless dispatches written on gold-edged pages, the journal recorded … Continue reading

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Featured Artist: Joanna Gniady

"Moleskine is one of the things I can’t do without. It is an obsession, addiction, everlasting love. Full of memories and dreams, quotes and poems, names and ideas, it is a kind of map, showing where I have been, where … Continue reading

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Thank You!

Thanks to everyone who sent presents, called, emailed, texted, smoke-signaled, semaphored and Morse coded their greetings, and brought my favorite cookies-and-cream cake at midnight last night. I’m truly, deeply touched. Best wishes to all who share my birthdate today. Armand7.16. … Continue reading

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Instant Love

“We are all walking around this city with our hearts sadly swimming in our chests, like dying fish on the surface of a still pond. It’s enough to make you give up entirely.” —from Instant Love But we don’t give … Continue reading

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