Papa’s “Good Eats” Café

Hmw_1The beans and spaghetti warmed. Nick stirred them and mixed them together.
They began to bubble, making little bubbles that rose with difficulty to the
surface. There was a good smell. Nick got out a bottle of tomato catchup and cut
four slices of bread. The little bubbles were coming faster now. Nick sat down
beside the fire and lifted the frying pan off. He poured about half the contents
out into the tin plate. It spread slowly on the plate. Nick knew it was too hot.
He poured on some tomato catchup…He ate the whole plateful before he remembered
the bread. Nick finished the second plateful with the bread, mopping the plate
shiny…While he waited for the coffee to boil, he opened a can of apricots. He
liked to open cans. He emptied the can of apricots out into a tin cup. While he
watched the coffee on the fire, he drank the juice syrup of the apricots…
By now, depending on the sophistication of your palette, you’re probably
either salivating or becoming nauseated. But after reading this vivid passage, I
just had to find out what all of this actually tasted like, so I walked over to
Safeway and bought a can of Chef Boy-Ar-Dee spaghetti, a can of Van Camp’s pork
and beans, and a can of Del Monte apricots. Then, grossing my mother right out
of the kitchen, I cooked up this mess, sliced some bread and dumped catchup over
it, just like in the story.

Papa’s "Good Eats" Café:
Ernest Hemingway as a Food Writer by Kelley Dupuis


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