Recent Comments: Writing As Punishment – A Rant

From our post of January 23rd on "Writing As Punishment":


"Personally, I believe all of us turn too quickly to punishment to
solve behavior problems when other approaches might work better. But I
concede that there may be times when punishment is necessary. At those
time, when punishment is administered I very strongly believe that the
"punishment should fit the crime." I absolutely DO NOT consider having
students write an essay in response to a behavior problem to be an
appropriate punishment.

…I am not a teacher, so I can barely begin to understand or
appreciate the challenge of maintaining discipline in a classroom.
However, as a parent concerned with the use and overuse of punishment,
my thinking has been radically affected by the works of Alfie Kohn,
especially his book _Punished by Rewards_. He takes a very critical
look at, and offers alternatives to, the popular methods of punishment
and reward used in our culture. You may find some food for thought in
his books"


"I see nothing wrong with using writing assignments as a punishment.
It is used in the UK in some private schools. State schools have banned
it, along with everything else.

As a teenager, I was made to go to a saturday detention where I had
to copy out one line for ever and ever. 3 hours in the morning, lunch
break and 3 hours in the afternoon. You wouldn’t want to do that again
the following week would you ?"

– Mckensie

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