Saint Anthony Missing with Moleskine

Sat"Somewhere in the last week I have misplaced my prayer journal. 

am surprised at how very out of sorts this has made me. It has become
an unexpectedly necessary part of my day to read or write in the prayer
journal, and I deeply miss it.

…It is a collection of writing to God, copies of prayers that I come
across and like, quotes and stories that I find to be meaningful,
prayer cards and other ephemera. I am a scrapbooker so in many ways it
serves more or less a scrapbook of my faith.

frustrating is this… my St. Anthony prayer card is in there. It’s bad
news when St. Anthony goes missing, because where can you go for help

Mary Martha
Visit her blog, "Back Home to Rome"

I know the feeling. My grandmother used to light a candle and pray to San Antonio each time she misplaced anything. The ritual increased in frequency as she grew older.

– A

Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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2 Responses to Saint Anthony Missing with Moleskine

  1. Lost in Scotland says:

    It is usually in the place you don’t look…not in the places you do look…

    If I’m in the same boat…I just keep looking because I know its there somewhere…it just likes to hide from me for awhile…to keep my brain agile…

  2. Candle Lover says:

    Did you ever end up finding it? Did you light a candle and pray to San Antonio?

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