Shabby Chic



Artist Coco Sato sent these  scans from her  first  Moleskine notebook. Unbiased opinions follow:

"it has rather cheap-looking-imitation-leather-black-cardboard cover with an
erastic band…..this shabby outlook does not pass my style

…After all, provably it is a good thing that moleskine has such a plain
rustic look, it just soak up the owner’s personality and style.

you are interested in finding out how other creatives use moleskine,
here are links. I am a regular visitor of moleskinerie and am always
amazed by how people passionately talk about this small notebook and
some of fascinating images they create. Moleskinerie really satisfies
my desire of peeping other’s private life… you know… I m not that
f**ked up but my ever curious mind needs constant stimulation."

Read her "pure rambling on uncritical satisfaction"
in "Fine Artistic Living" 

Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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  1. i-ming says:

    woohoo you’re famous

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