The Artist’s Planner

My planner has become my muse and a great motivational tool. In keeping
a planner, you can watch your own improvement. It also becomes a tool
to share how you go about making art with others who share your passion
for art. It is such a reward to be able to look through your own
process. Imagine if someone asked you, “what sort of art do you make?”
and you could pull out your planner and show your new fan exactly what
artwork you make and how you went about getting the inspiration for it.
You will also get to look at the pages privately and think, "I
completed that project. I can complete another."

Between my messes of sketches and colorful pictures, I also put
quotes and sayings in my artist’s planner. My favorite is by German
philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche: "One must have chaos within to give
rise to a dancing star." This statement works for me because my planner
is so chaotic, with its pictures, jokes, and sketches, photos and
stickers pasted in on any old page with no thought to the consecutive
order. Despite all its chaos, my planner is an effective tool for
productivity, organization and success.

The Artist’s Planner
By  Sara Schnelle

[via Douglas Johnston’s D*I*Y Planner]

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