The Great Cow Sketch Hunt


"From May to July 2006, 94 illustrated cows have been placed around Edinburgh for
the Cow Parade. This is my attempt to sketch every one of them in location
before they’re all led out to pasture…"

Mooore cows from Falling Sky
View the FLICKR photoset
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One thought on “The Great Cow Sketch Hunt

  1. Cheers! In the last couple of weeks I’ve had to change the target of the sketch hunt from ‘all the cows’ to ‘all the interesting & available cows’ – partly as a number have been damaged and taken away from their stands before I go to see them, partly as a fair few of them are either rather dull or nigh-on impossible to capture satisfactorily with watercolour pencils. Still, there’s five days left to go before the cows leave us and I’m going to make the most of every day, there’s some real treats still to come. Thanks for the link!

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