Tosca al fresco…


"Quick sketch I did before dinner. We have a favorite Italian place here
south of us on a Spanish square. There are shops and restaurants, live
music and, tonight, just happened to be Saturday night cruise night so
all the classic metal was out to play. We had a GORGEOUS Impala parked
near where we were sitting….

After dinner we went to the Kilwin’s fudge & chocolates shop to
pick up some goodies for my mother, grandmother and L; two white
chocolate covered macadamia nut clusters (mom’s fave but kiss o’death
for me), two dark chocolate peanut butter turtley things, one chocolate
covered candied (not dried) pineapple ring and my two little Jamaican
(rum) Chocolate Truffles. :::dreamy sigh:::
Grabbed a water at Starbuck’s and some Madeliene’s (my fave, saved the
truffles for later) then headed over to pick up my girl from her
grandmother’s and go home.

It was a wonderfully relaxing night… incredible food and wonderful company."

renmeleon @ Meal Moles/FLICKR
© All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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