US Roadtrip Highlights

Our friend Clotilde Dusoulier at Chocolate and Zucchini is back in France and blogging about their recent cross country trip though the U.S. southwest.


"Maxence and I are back from our roadtrip across the US — still a bit
jetlagged, but extremely pleased with how it went. 4,952 miles driven in 17 days
through 7 states: in order of appearance, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi,
Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California. Stupendous landscapes,
extremely kind people along the way (except for that one tattooed psycho in a
pick-up truck, but that was fun in retrospect), fabulous roadfood, all the
ingredients were there to make our vacation precisely the kind of
adventure-filled trip we were hoping for.

So, how does one write up such a journey, where does one begin? I could
of course transcribe my moleskine notes here, but even I can’t quite make out
what I wrote in some places, so I will just go with a collection of thoughts
from the road and the table.

– Feed me a burger a day and I’m a happy girl. I didn’t eat a burger a
day because quirkier food specialties beckoned, but I would have otherwise, and
still managed to gobble up six of them — about six times more than I normally
do in a year…"