“What do you use your Moleskine for?”


" For the past year or so I’ve been "following my gut" and pursing this
nagging creative energy. This has kind of been a tribute to my Mom, who was an
artist but repressed that passion to support her family and do the right thing.
It’s registered me in art classes and found me in supply stores spending money
on things I don’t know exactly what I’ll do with, like my first moleskine.
I bought from a really kind artist in the store. He just raved about them.
I didn’t need another blank sketchbook, but I’ve always had a weird fetish for
blank paper. So I bought it on June 8th. I tried to use it to exercise the
latest lessons from my latest art class. Then my Mom died on June 13th…"
Jocelyn Kabatoff
© All rights reserved. Used with permission
"What do you use your Moleskine for?"
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