Which do you prefer – plain or ruled?


Thomas: Which one do you prefer for daily journaling? Plain or ruled? And why?
I prefer the plain one’s myself. Much more freedom for gluing in stuff or doodling something.

Chet_ says:
Plain. But will be getting a ruled for my home-made 2007 planner – not sure
pocket or large.

wingnut4ever says:
Since I tend to write on a slant to begin with – being left-handed – I
definitely prefer the ruled books!
beyondbeyond says:
plain sketch books- upside down and right to left – i’m left handed and
it’s just easier to write/ sketch that way. – the reporter books are good too
opening from the top! 🙂

Jocelyn (formerly Jadeybean) says:
PLAIN! Hands down. After I took a creative acrylic painting class last
year, I realized that you don’t *have* to use ruled paper at all. It was one of
the most liberating moments of my adulthood.

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