Which planner would be good for project-oriented work?


I’m considering moving to using a Moleskine planner, probably the large
weekly planner. My question is: where do people put their project
lists? It doesn’t look like in the description there are a set of just
plain pages to hold such information.

Right now I’ve been using a set of index cards and my Palm to keep life
on schedule; the index cards don’t lend themselves much to long project
lists and I’m pretty much just using the Palm for contacts/calendar.
I’m a full-time writer of suspense novels, so my schedule tends to be
as such:
–few business appointments, except when out promoting a book
–large projects (writing a book, writing a film treatment, etc.) with
many to-dos
–I like to see my week at a glance and assign tasks to be done a
certain day (for instance, write Chapter 3 before writing Chapter 4)

But I also like to make lists of all upcoming actions in a project–if
I don’t do this, I find the projects start to fall apart as I forgot
things that must be done.

I’m guessing the solution is to keep project lists in the back pocket,
but thought I would ask if there was another option people found
useful. I already enjoy using Moleskines for notetaking and
brainstorming on my books.

Jeff Abbott

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3 thoughts on “Which planner would be good for project-oriented work?

  1. You could make a diary out of a pocket or large ruled notebook and then leave one spread of paper empty between weeks. Big projects take up too much space in my ordinairy notebooks so I give them their own pocket notebook. That sometimes leads to carrying around three books but it works for me. Just remember to lay them open every time you sit at your desk and you will still have a complete overview. Good luck!

  2. I put a large Post-it in the front cover for my to-do lists. I put 2 or three of them there so that I always have a fresh one when I’ve finished a list.

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