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49th Merdeka Day

In honor of the Malaysian National Independence DayAugust 31, 2006 Photo by adibi @ Moleskinerie/FLICKR© All rights reserved. Used with permission.————————————————————-–  Featured Artist: Terrence Moline–  Handwritten Theater–  Paper Garden is closing Today on Notebookism————————————————————— A Statement from Modo & Modo … Continue reading

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His love for writing spurs ‘CSI’ producer to create series

"HOLLYWOOD — Josh Berman had the pedigree. He received two Emmy nominations during his six years as a "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" writer-producer. By 26, he had earned a bachelor’s degree in public policy from Princeton University, a master’s in … Continue reading

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ThisNext thing: Moleskine

"I converted back to the pencil and notebook world last year, after my tablet pc decided that the marine air from sydney beaches was too much for it and died. Now, I have at least one in my bag at … Continue reading

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A Statement from Modo & Modo S.p.a. on Quality Control and other Issues

While we were on vacation (yes, yes, Italians love vacations…and even more this year, since we had something to celebrate after the World Cup!) we received 37 several e-mails. There also has been some discussion on several Internet groups: Google … Continue reading

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Lined Card Insert

I can’t write straight without lines, and there are the times I need to. Especially when I am using a dip pen and shellac based ink. So I printed a card with lines that can be seen thru the moleskine … Continue reading

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Sighting: “Running with Scissors”

Screen capture of the trailer for the new film, Running With Scissors, which features Brian Cox as a psychiatrist taking notes in what appears to be a Moleskine notebook. Cinemafia @ Moleskinerie/FLICKR"Running with Scissors" Official Site

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How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

"My longing demands an explanationI’m guided by a strange fixationMy life, my thought, my heart, my soul, they’re yoursAs soon I caught a glimpse they were yoursMoleskine…   So now with a strange love I am accursedI long to feel … Continue reading

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The Notebooks of Joshua Berman

"Yes, I filled many-a-Mole during this last year of travel, pouring ink on pages, stuffing its "expandable inner pocket made of cardboard and cloth" with soggy rupee notes, Thai baht and East African shillings; or with heart-shaped Bodhi leaves from … Continue reading

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Slimbolala: A Year After Katrina

On the anniversary of last year’s devastation from Hurricane Katrina here’s a repost of our feature on David Olivier’s "People Project" where he sketched neighborhood personalities on a Moleskine notebook: My house and many of its contents were flooded during … Continue reading

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Children of the Storm

A multimedia presentation of Brenda Ann Kenneally’s photo essay on children displaced by Hurricane Katrina, with audio interviews and additional images. View "Children of the Storm"The New York Times Magazine [Registration required]LINK

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