Deep-fried Mars Bar


"Given the Fringe’s origins in Scotland, it seemed very appropriate to
try a deep-fried Mars bar. The spring rolls have been one of my Fringe
faves for years…. "

"Street Food" by kiwêhowin
@ Meal Moles/FLICKR

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Some rights reserved.

Nbk48_1–  Rhodia Notebooks
–  Power of the Pen 
– Paperchase Journals

Today on Notebookism


Greetings to our friends in Apache Junction, AZ., Krakow, Exeter, Seborga, Saint Petersburg, Melbourne, Cork, Koeln, Reykjavk, Buenos Aires, Demirciler, Quito, Eglin AFB, FL.,  Kaliningrad, Venlo, Strovolos, Gaillard,  Cowes,  Takatsuki,  Vitria,  Monaco,  Huehuetenango,  Shanghai,  Amman,  Carabobo,  Bangalore,  Line,  Binangonan,  Gualeguay and Macau.

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