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I’ve started using sketchbooks while studying Architecture 1989
and kept it up until 1998, Bought a moleskine about a month ago, and my
first is almost full already. I love the unpretentious feeling about
the format, I can draw what I want without it having to be perfect, it
also very small and easy to bring along. It’s also a great forum to
bring in some minor text into my drawing, and some story. I’ve used
stuff from my other sketchbooks in to my other art sometimes making
print of material in the sketchbooks. I’ll post some more samples from
my last moleskine that I’ve made this summer, I have a blog and use
material from my moleskine on it, this keeps me drawing at least one
page every day as I like to update it regularly.

Mattias Adolfsson
Göteborg, Sweden

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Before I go, here’s a snip from Kathy Sierra’s post at "Creating Passionate Users"

"…to anyone who feels like a "corporate prisoner", or who has recently taken
the leap and could use a gentle reminder of what this is about, I urge you to
watch her (Pamela Slim’s) little Flash movie, Declaration of Independence. It
might be the most inspirational 3 minutes I’ve experienced in quite a while….

I hear so many people underestimate/devalue/dismiss the importance of
motivation. Yet so often, a lack of motivation is the only thing standing
between you and something you really want to try.
Once again, I’m reminded that life is just too damn short not to go for it.
Or too damn long. Take your pick ; )"

View "

Declaration of Independence" (Flash)

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