Featured Artist: Mar Hernández



I bought my first Moleskine two years ago and since then I’ve always made it
a point to carry one wherever I go. I keep it in my bag.

I like to
draw on every side of the Moleskine, much to the puzzlement of people around
me. I draw while waiting for the subway, when I go out to have a coffee with
my friends, sitting and waiting on a train before it pulls out of
the station and in bed, right before going to sleep.

At the beginning
I only used pencils but nowadays I use a black, ballpoint pen.

absolutely adore my Moleskines. I have about five of them and switch from one
to another to another to another to another on a whim! 🙂

Mar Hernández

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Nbk48_1–  Hypomnemata
–  Blank Page # 005 
– Travel Daydreams

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