Featured Artist: Joanna Walsh



"I always use a Moleskine for sketching pieces for my illustrated blog although
my final drawings are done on Adobe Illustrator. You might notice that, on my
blog’s self-portrait, I’m carrying a small Moleskine sketchbook.


particularly like this version, with the card covers and the thick sketching
paper. Some time ago, I gave up carrying a handbag (too many other things to do
with my hands) and got lots of pockets sewn into my clothes instead. When
storing a thick Moleskine in the breast pocket of my jacket, I almost feel it
could stop a bullet in a film noir-ish kind of way. Sometimes, however, I use
the much flimsier cahiers which come in packs of 3. Not so good for self-defence
but a lot lighter."

Joanna Walsh : Illustrator and Writer

Visit her blog, "Badaude"

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Nbk48_1–  Featured Artist: Shane Vorhaben
Inspiration: Pablo Lobatón
– Pre- MIC Moleskine

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