Good Moleskine News

I have been vehement about my concerns re the quality of Moleskines, and the lack of response from Modo e Modo, and Moleskineus.

The good news is that we have been heard by Kikkerland in New York, which is the major North American distributor of Moleskines.

I wrote yesterday that I had had a reply from Jeroen Kuiper asking for samples of Moleskines showing poor quality.This morning I had a nice email from him, again stressing the need to document the problems.

He said that when he receives emails, he asks for documentation of the problem, but has had no one follow through. He suggested that if one is unable to send the actual books, he would appreciate photographs.

Quite rightly, he wants to be able to determine how widespread is the quality issue. Also, he is aware that those of us who have posted on this group have also posted elsewhere. Again, this makes it all the more important that we provide him with documentation.

Independent of my email to Kikkerland on the weekend, I had also emailed yesterday McNally Robinson Booksellers in Winnipeg, where I purchase Moleskines. Within minutes of receiving my email, Paul McNally (the family also has a store in Manhattan) was on the phone to Lisa Pearce, the very able Kikkerland rep in Manitoba. She left me some product, and I have, in turn, suggested that since I do not have ready access to a camera that I would show her my books where there have been quality issues so she can report to Jeroen Kuiper.

Jeroen has also told me that the buyer of Moleskine is Societe Generale, a French bank.

So after all my complaining, I am very happy to say that our concerns have been heard and are being taken seriously by the distributor.Not only that, the response has been speedy, and the service superb.  Altogether a class act.

Given the above, I hope we all can do our best to document the problems, and to ensure that Jeroen gets what he needs. That is our best hope to ensure that our beloved Moleskines reflect the best in quality.

Thank you Jeroen and Lisa for the great service and for your concern!


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