His love for writing spurs ‘CSI’ producer to create series

"HOLLYWOOD — Josh Berman had the pedigree. He received two Emmy nominations
during his six years as a "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" writer-producer. By
26, he had earned a bachelor’s degree in public policy from Princeton
University, a master’s in history as a Fulbright scholar at the University of
Sydney in Australia, and an MBA and law degree from Stanford.

But it was his 7 1/2-inch, meticulously indexed research binder that sold Fox
on his new mystery thriller and has landed him a coveted time slot on the fall
prime-time schedule.

Berman, 36, is the creator of "Vanished" (9 p.m. Mondays), an
edge-of-your-seat drama centered on the wife (Joanne Kelley) of a Georgia
senator (John Allen Nelson) who goes missing. Her disappearance turns out to be
part of a much, much larger conspiracy, dating back thousands of

Maria Elena Fernandez
Delaware Online

Laura of Storie di me
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