Hommage to Moleskine

Ah! summer, with all its glorious sunshine and outdoor activities. Alas! Its also a time prone to losing our beloved notebooks. Here are two examples we recently found online and how their owners coped:


my unique notebook
always dispo, faithful, devoted and my best
who died on the 20th of August this year
in the accidental
small-scale flood in my bag
in the Berlin Charlottenburg Kaiser’s palace
at least in such a beautiful place to die

Moleskine est
vive Moleskine!!!!


kyblux @ kyblog

"So on my way from the hair salon with my curls, I left my journal on my
car. As I’m driving down the highway I see something fly off, and I thought,
“What could that be?” only to see that my journal was not in the car with

Something clicked with my at that moment; nine months of sermon notes
are pretty much gone, yet a calming providential peace came over me that my
thoughts of bitterness on paper are gone. I certainly couldn’t go out like Lot’s
wife and try to find a journal in the dark being run over in rush hour

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