How To Manage Diarrhea of the Brain


"Idea dumping is a lot like brainstorming. (I happen to be an expert on
idea dumping because I just made the term up 5 minutes ago.). Brainstorming to
me is more of a process where you have a problem, and you try and find a
solution to it, with the end goal in mind. It’s a great concept in theory–except
it never happens that way for me. It seems like whenever I really need a great
idea, they are nowhere to be found. Yet when I’m doing something completely
unrelated and seemingly unimportant, I’ll be floating in ideas. And when the
mind finally does agree to cooperate and turn on, I won’t usually get just one
good idea but a bunch of ‘em at a time. When it rains it pours, but it’s a
summer in Texas otherwise…

1. ALWAYS carry paper
It almost always never fails. I’ll have a great idea, I’ll think about it
for a while, and never remember it again. Why? I didn’t write it down. Half of
having a good idea is actually writing it down. Writing it down gives you
freedom to let your mind explore it even more, because it doesn’t have to work
on actually remembering it. If paper isn’t your thing, use a voice recorder,
your cell phone’s voicemail, a pda, a rock and chisel… anything so that you can
file it somewhere other than your brain…"
"7 Idea Dumping Tips (How To Manage Diarrhea of the Brain)"

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