I Am An Artist


"I think I would love to be an artist."
"No, no you’re not artist
"Well, that may be, but I would like to be one anyway."
can’t be an artist, for a number of reasons: You can’t support yourself and be
an artist. You can’t possibly take time away from all of life’s responsibilities
to just sit and play with art. And you can’t just go around calling yourself an
artist. You must be deemed one."
"Hmmmm, I hadn’t thought of all
"Yeah, I didn’t figure."
"Did I mention that creating makes me come
"Did I mention that creating makes you go broke and is a silly waste
of time?"
"Yes, yes, you did make that point. And I suppose it’s a good
"Of course it is."
"But what’s the bit about you have to be deemed
an artist…what does that mean?"
"Well, it means you can’t just out of the
blue wake up one morning and say, ‘Hey, I’m an artist now.’ "
"No, you have to be good. And someone else has to think so too. In
fact several someones."
"Oh, well that’s too bad. I couldn’t even get into
Grad school. Wasn’t good enough."
"I know."
"And I didn’t go to school for
"I know."
"I should have. But I took a safer approach."
"I know.
Artists aren’t safe. Your safe."

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3 Responses to I Am An Artist

  1. I love this! and hasn’t that conversation spun around in all of our heads and outside our heads too..A universality.

  2. Michael says:

    Hi Mandy,

    I can totally relate to that.

    Here’s a poem I wrote for you and you can share it with anyone that doubts who they are, alright?

    simple but discreet is her touch
    never expecting
    never demanding
    solitude is her vice
    love completes her

    All my best,


  3. Sara says:

    Wow, how did you get into my head? That’s exactly what my left and right hand side of the brain are debating about currently.

    So I take it you’re an artist?

    Best to you.

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