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"There has been a lot of talk (and some noice) recently about the
purchase of Modo e Modo by a French company, by production in China, by
possible declining quality. I admit that I have stockpiled some of the
older "pre-China" books, but when they run out, will I switch to
another brand? The answer is a resounding NO!….

…I have carried a notebook with me for the past 3 decades or so, but
never found one that truly inspired me to write daily, to write
constantly, to fill books, read them over and over, try new styles of
writing, just because it’s fun to write. Some notebooks were too
clunky. Some, the lines too wide. The covers on others crumbled. The
square corners got bashed if I dropped it. Some were just plain awkward
to hold and write in.

But the Moleskine changed all that! I got a small plain to try out,
even though I had never liked notebooks that small. But it turned out
that the small size encouraged me to write MORE, because I could
quickly fill pages and that made me feel more . . . productive, I
guess. And I began to write smaller, and with that, I began to
concentrate more when I wrote, and now I go through several notebooks a
month. The cover is rigid, and has rounded corners, and it fits into my
bag, or a pocket, and, every night, under my pillow.

At some point, an expandable pocket is going to come unattached from
a cover. I’ll glue it back in. An elastic band is going to break,
sooner of later. I’ll sew it back together. Perhaps one cover will feel
less smooth than another. But frankly, after carrying a moleskine for
even a few days, it’s got food on it, it’s a little scratched and
dinged up from being tossed in to my briefcase, its pages are somewhat
crumpled and warped from being taken on backpacking trips, and just
generally being well-used. It’s part of the character of a moleskine
that it becomes uniquely yours just from being with you all the time…."

Comments by Shirley Braley

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