Kikkerland Moleskine Distributor’s Response

I have just had a very nice reply from my post over the weekend to Jeroen
Kuiper. Kikkerland is a major distributor, and provides distribution to Canada.
I think it is important that this company get as much documentation of
our Moleskine problems as possible. He would appreciate concrete examples of
problems. I gather he is aware of the issue, and wants to deal with it in a
timely manner.

I also had an auto-reply from Modo e Modo, which in itself is
a first. I  hope it will be followed with an actual reply — I believe from the
auto- reply that they are back from vacation today."


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Update 8.22.06

Kikkerland Design Inc, US distributors for Moleskine is requesting that you send them the actual damaged notebooks for replacement.

Kikkerland Design Inc.
423-427 West 127th Street
New York, NY 10027.

Tel: 212-678-2250

For those outside the U.S., please contact your local distributor.

Kindly furnish photos (full shot and macros of damaged area) to us at Moleskinerie <> so we can post them online with your name/GoogleGroups address.
Update 8.22.06

Important Notice on recent discussions

A long-time reader with experience on these matters informed us that
from his observations he believes some purportedly separate
posts/responses in Moleskinerie or Notebookism GoogleGroups may be
authored by only one person.

Whatever the intention is, we are in the process of investigating.
Suffice it to say, these actions are "not advisable". 🙂


Armand B. Frasco

LINK: Moleskinerie/GoogleGroups