Lined Card Insert


I can’t write straight without lines, and there are the times I need
to. Especially when I am using a dip pen and shellac based ink. So I
printed a card with lines that can be seen thru the moleskine journal
page and keep it in the back, along with the blotter paper card.

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4 thoughts on “Lined Card Insert

  1. An alternate solution is to print wide black bars that are the height of each line with spaces the height of each line. They are a bit more visible than thinner lines and you just write on the alternating dark or light bars.

    I also leave a bit of a right margin to annotate.

  2. Evan, your bar idea is brilliant. I will give it a try. I have used a grid page behind a blank page to help guide my writing, but I suspect the bars will be far easier to see….as you indicate.


  3. Can you still see the lines if you’re writing on the back of a page that you’ve already written on?

    I’ve feared buying an unlined notebook due to my habit of wandering writing, but if it works even with a page that’s already been written on, that’s fantastic!

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